Adventures of Desdarii

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Adventures of Desdarii
Creator Desdarii
Author(s) Desdarii
First entry May 6, 2008
Topics Roleplaying, Mage
Adventures of Desdarii was originally created by Desdarii in May of 2008. The idea for the blog came about from roleplaying Desdarii to carry a journal around that she wrote down thoughts, adventures and anything else she came across. The blog was created to make this journal a real thing for her adventures to be shared as well as a place to write her character story.

The primary focus of the blog revolves around the roleplaying adventures of Desdarii, the Draenei Mage of Blackwater Raiders. Desdarii is a casual raider in a 10 man raiding team and includes raiding events and mishaps into her posts when she thinks something interesting has happened.

Contents and Focus

Among the topics covered by Adventures of Desdarii are:

  • Roleplaying
  • Raiding Stories
  • Mage Information
  • General WoW Information

Latest Posts