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Aspect of the Hare
Creator Pike
Author(s) Pike
First entry August 9, 2007
Topics Hunters (mostly of the BM persuasion), hunter guides, game experience stories, Linux

Aspect of the Hare is a blog that was created in August of 2007, a mere three months after Pike started playing World of Warcraft, originally as a place where she could ramble about the game where people wouldn't have to read it. Kestrel left a comment on one of her early posts and linked to her and it took off from there-- now it seems to be one of the more popular and frequently-read Hunter blogs out there (although the author feels odd stating this, because it still seems quite surreal).

While initially intended to be a blog about "general thoughts and opinions on World of Warcraft" and the early blog posts reflect this, at some point it turned into a very Hunter-specific blog with "Hunter Kindergarten" guides tailored to newer hunters, and since Pike's love (some might say "obsession") of the hunter class has only grown since she started the site, she is fine with this new blog focus. In general she attempts to teach people how to perfect their hunter through guides that largely steer clear of in-depth theorycrafting and numbercrunching in favor of a conversational easy-to-read style and with an enthusiasm that she can only hope her readers pick up on.

Pike is also known for playing World of Warcraft near-exclusively on the Linux operating system; her first character was actually level 70 before she ever played on a "supported" operating system. Because there seems to be a lot of interest from people wondering about the hows and whys of playing on this alternative, free OS, she frequently makes posts about WoW on Linux and how to get started.

In October of 2008 she caved and made the move from Blogspot to a self-hosted, Wordpress powered site, and looks forward to more customization and personalization of her blogging style.

Contents and Focus

  • Game experience stories (often with pictures!)
  • Hunter guides and instructional videos
  • Roleplaying and character stories
  • Pike showing her unabashed love for the hunter class
  • Linux: the "Geek OS" and how to play WoW with it

Latest Posts