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Blog Azeroth.

Blog Azeroth was founded on January 23, 2008, by Phaelia of Resto4Life and Valenna of Parry! Dodge! Spin!


Blog Azeroth was created to facilitate the exchange of information and foster community among Warcraft blog authors. While we all appreciate and thrive upon building our own separate communities of readers and—in some cases, members of the class upon which we have focused—we are all part of the same community. Many of us struggle with the same problems, be it the cumbersome migration from one blog platform to another, knowing what stats are the most helpful, or gold spammers trying to take advantage of a publicly available platform. By sharing what we've each learned individually, we increase our collective knowledgebase. And all without having to hunt down an e-mail address or post a comment in an attempt to contact each other!


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Public forums

  • Tips, Tricks, and Guides (non-specific to a platform)
  • Platform-Specific Help: Blogger, WordPress, Podcasting, and More
  • Introductions: for sharing one's blog with the rest of the community (posting an introduction is required to gain access to the author-only forums)

Author-only forums

  • General Discussion
  • The Chopping Block: a place to seek advice and critique of one's blog
  • Class-specific forums to help niche-based authors find each other

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