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Welcome to Blogger 101! No, this isn't meant exclusively for Blogger by Google! It's meant for you, the blogger, no matter what platform you use. The intent of this article is to provide links to useful posts by the blogging community--WoW and otherwise--to help you become a better blogger, and to help you improve your blog.


  • Blogger: Blogger is Google's free hosted blogging service. Some users prefer Blogger over Wordpress because of a greater freedom in themes or because they already have a Google account.
  • .com is the free hosted version of WordPress, a popular blogging platform. There are limited themes, but WordPress allows individual pages with your blog as well as categories, not just tags.
  • .org is the self-hosted version of WordPress. You download the WordPress platform onto your own hosted server and you have much greater freedom and control over how your blog is built.

Blog Basic Anatomy

These parts of a blog are recommended by veteran bloggers across the blogosphere.

About & Contact

We want to read what you write, yes, but we also want to know more about you! The About Me section of your blog can range from an entire page about you and your toons to just a blurb on the sidebar. You can even reveal yourself over time and connect it via tags.[1] Contact is more important. Typically bloggers will list an email address, and sometimes an IM or a Twitter username to follow. This gives us a way to contact you for general things, or perhaps just to socialize, outside comments on your blog.

Searching & Tags

You may not think this is important 'now', but it will be later on. For example, the words "blog" and "blogging" were typed into quite a few search bars to find posts for this wiki article. 'Purple Kodo' was used on World of Matticus to find that one specific article. Tags are a separate beast; many bloggers like to have a tag or category cloud in a sidebar. Tags help link together similar posts; categories work the same way and are often just broader tags.

RSS Feed

Other bloggers will read your blog, and the most common way they do it is not your actual blog, but through an RSS feed reader. Both of the commonly used free blogging platforms include a default RSS reader, but some blogs use alternatives like Feedburner.

  • Why Feedburner? by Kestrel discusses why using FeedBurner for your blog's RSS feed is preferable to your blogging platform's default.


"Web logging" was originally just electronic journals, but "blogging" has evolved into just more than that. Blogging is now as much about the community housing your writing as it is about the writing itself. (Substitute "writing" with drawing or podcasting, if you like.)

Confidence: Start Posting

You're writing your blog for a reason, right? (Or drawing or podcasting or whichever blogging medium it is.) If you're stuck for how to just get going, here's some places you can go for inspiration. Don't forget it is your blog: write what you want!

Guides to Blogging



Commentary: Start Responding

Reading Other Blogs

Community: Get Involved

  • Author Introductions (Blog Azeroth) Introduce yourself at Blog Azeroth! Once you've posted a blog here, you'll be allowed access to the forums where you can mingle with other bloggers and exchange ideas.
  • Twisted Nether Blogcast Live! (Twisted Nether Blogcast) On Fridays, come join other bloggers in a chat as the Twisted Nether Blogcast records live!
  • Some Blog Azeroth bloggers even lurk on Twitter. Grab yourself a username and hang with some of us; it's even a great way to get the word out for new blog posts. You can start with the Blog Azeroth Twitter list if you don't know any of us yet.

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