Bubbles of Mischief

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Bubbles of Mischief
Creator Cymre
Author(s) Cymre
Topics Priest, Discipline
Server(s) Dathremar-OC
Twitter http://twitter.com/cymre

Content and Focus

Cymre - A World of Warcraft player since 2005 who writes about her experiences and thoughts from a Disc Priest perspective (sometimes Hunter stuff too). You could say I’m a bit of an achievement fiend, as well as a lover of taking Silver Dragon shots – I have a huge collection. Other hobbies include creating costumes and collecting novelty items, class sets as well as mounts and non-combat pets.

Cymre is currently the Guild Mistress of her strict 10′s MischiefUs Guild on Dath’remar, an Oceanic server. The Guild was rebuilt in August 2011 (having previously come from Khadgar) and have been making steady progression ever since. We raid on the weekends between 3.30-6.30pm.

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