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CharPool — "We love you for your characters, really!"

CharPool is a character progress tracking site that automatically tracks your chars' progress (achievements, dings, reputation and equipment changes etc.). Each character in the system is checked for updates once per day (via the Armory). It then displays everything on an ever-growing extensive timeline.


  • Keep a journal:
    • upload screenshots
    • write blog entries
    • tweet in the name of your chars
  • See your characters' progress
    • Each char has its own scrollable timeline which will show all the important events: level changes, new titles, achievements, tweets, screenshots & blog posts etc. (see screenshot below)
  • Twitter integration
    • Ad-hoc guild support: See your guildies' Twitter updates
    • Make tweets and see them in your char's timeline! Keep your friends informed about your #wow activities.
  • Both US & EU supported
  • Keep an eye on your friends and foes even while not playing WoW ;)

To see a live example, check out Carlo's page. Take a look at Nyshaa, his current main, to see a good example with screenshots, tweets and notes in action. There's also a tour.


Character page:

Character page, timeline view: