Destructive Reach

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Destructive Reach
Creator Saresa
Author(s) Saresa
First entry 23rd April 2008
Topics Destruction Warlocks

Destructive Reach was created by Saresa in April 2008. It is mainly focused on Destruction Warlocks, but also discusses Feral Druids in very minor detail. Saresa is a Human Warlock on the Nagrand (US-Oceanic) server. She also plays Hermia, a Restoration/Feral Bear Druid, on the Cenarius (US) server, along with a miscellany of minor alts.

Destructive Reach was started as a way for the author to vocalise her opinions and ideas about the Warlock class to a greater audience than herself and her cat. While the author dreams of making it a wonderful resource for Warlocks, she is currently content with writing stories and ideas about her favourite class.

Saresa started her blogging experience on a blog, before committing to a self-hosted Wordpress venture in June, 2008. The blog has undergone various transformations in that time, each of them being garishly coloured and bright (something which is now synonymous with Destructive Reach).

Content and Focus

Destructive Reach engages in light hearted discussion of matters pertaining to warlocks, including (but not limited to) game play, changes to the class, and play styles. However, Saresa does not claim to be a theorycrafter, and so does not engage in theorycrafting.

Saresa has also extended her blogging interests to include issues common to MMORPG's, and discussion of how these issues affect her WoW experience. She also occasionally posts on guild leadership and guild dynamics, from the exceedingly unqualified standpoint of an ex-officer of a casual guild.

About the Author

Saresa is a 24 year old woman from Australia. The time differences alone between her and her guildmates allow for some interesting perspectives, and are also no doubt a cause for the frustration that occasionally makes its way into her writing. When she isn't online she is either teaching teenagers about her two great loves (English and History), or working her way through a novel. She also enjoys good food, and will rarely turn down an invitation to the local for dinner and a few. Many of the personal experiences of the author also make their way into her writing on the blog.

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