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Eminence Gaming
Creator Jamee
Author(s) various
Topics Raiding, Guides, General WoW
Server(s) Trollbane-EU
Twitter n/a

About the site

The Eminence Gaming website was established in September 2010. Eminence itself is a Horde Raiding guild on Trollbane EU, however the website incorporates not only a guild website, but a community site driven by members of the community to provide the latest WoW news, player's blogs, live streams, realm recruitment and so on.


Registration is open to anyone. In creating the site, we have tried not to limit the site to just players in Eminence, Trollbane players, or even EU players. We are always on the lookout for more community members, bloggers and authors!


If you would like to contribute to Eminence Gaming through blog posts, guild news, server news, wow news, etc - please sign up on the website and drop us an email at admin@eminencegaming.com.

Latest Posts

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