Feral By Nature

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Feral By Nature
Creator SerenitySaz
Author(s) Saz
Topics Fanfiction
Server(s) Aggramar-US
Twitter http://twitter.com/serenitysaz


The moon was bright, the shadows deep, and all was quiet in the woods. Slinking silently through the high grasses was a cat, white and druid in nature. She moved with patient haste, wanting to get to where she was going quickly while not drawing unwanted attention to herself. Time was running short and many answers were left to be discovered...

Feral By Nature is a dedicated World of Warcraft fan fiction blog based on a little druid named Kelebek. Quiet, anxious, protective, and more than just a little bit feral, Kelebek is on a mission to save her friends, family, and the world she calls home. Follow her as she rediscovers her past, comes to terms with who she is, and figures out her place in the world.

Originally this project was meant to be machinimated instead of simply written in a story format, but due to a certain lack of technology that has yet to take off. Until the day that I manage to blow all your minds with visual imagery Feral By Nature will continue on as a fan fiction project. Swing on by and settle in. Allow me to take you on a wild ride.

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