Herding Cats

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Herding Cats
Creator Liore
Author(s) Liore
Topics Holy Priest, guild management
Server(s) Uldum-US (A)

Herding Cats was created in December, 2008. Its primary author is Liore, a stubborn holy priest who has been leading the ragtag "casualcore" guild Machiavellis Cat since 2005. It's primarily an outlet for thoughts, information, and strategy that are either too esoteric for guild forums or too WoW-ish for non-gaming blogs and websites. It is generally updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Content and Focus

Popular topics include:

  • Holy Priest theory, practice, and complaints
  • The fun and challenges of guild leadership
  • Raiding in a WotLK world
  • Mods, Achievements, and the proliferation of dumb looking hats

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