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HoTs Tree
Creator Aertimus
Author(s) Aertimus
First entry January 25, 2008
Topics Restoration Druid, Gear, Raiding, Guilds, Healing
Server(s) Darkspear (US)

HoTs Tree is written by Aertimus, who almost exclusively plays a resto druid. She has played a resto druid since spring 2006, has raided since May 2007, and has been an officer for the guild LOKI since Jan 2008. HoTs Tree's most notable posts include Pre-Naxx Resto Druid Gear and Wrath Resto Druid Trinkets, both of which were linked in Shifting Perspectives on Jan. 6, 2009.

Content and Focus

Topics include:

  • Gear analysis and lists
  • Healing strategies
  • Guild leadership
  • Resto math and spreadsheets
  • Metablogging

Latest Posts