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Want to submit a blog to the site?

As a Blog Author

Send an e-mail to, with the subject TNB Wiki and supply the following information:

Rioriel welcomes you to Twisted Nether Wiki
* Blog Title:
  • * Name of Creator: -- character name is fine!
  • * Name(s) of Author(s): -- character names are fine!
  • * Site URL:
  • * RSS Feed: --see the note below.
  • * Main Category: General, Mage, Beast Mastery, Raiding, etc. -- please pick one category, we can discuss it if you're unsure.
  • * Topics Covered: Healing, Raiding, Addons, Guild Management, etc. -- choose multiple categories as you see fit!
  • * Server(s): -- please also specify region.
  • * Twitter Username: -- optional, of course.

Note on RSS Feeds:
  • For, the default RSS feed is
  • For, the default RSS feed is
  • Twisted Nether recommends FeedBurner for RSS feed portability.

Submissions are typically added within six hours by Rioriel or Zabine. You can nag Rio on @wingtipswaltz if you like, he loves it!

Please feel free to introduce yourself on the Blog Azeroth WoW blogging community forums if you haven't already done so!

As a Blog Reader

Don’t see a blog on the wiki or a utility site? Let us know at, subject TNB Wiki. Please send us the URL and we will take care of the rest.

Also, please be sure to tell us that you aren't the blogger, but a reader (so we don't send you an email asking you to provide us the information above).

--Rioriel 01:36, 24 May 2012 (PDT)