Hunters Rhok

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Hunters Rhok
Creator Phyllixia
Author(s) Phyllixia
Topics Beast Mastery Hunter
Server(s) Proudmoore-US

Content and Focus

The name Hunters Rhok originates from a catchphrase invented at a time when the only the most skilled hunters could obtain Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers: "Hunters don't just rock, we RHOK!"

The author, Phyllixia, is a hunter that prides herself on being Beast Mastery spec since WoW beta. Phyllixia's aim in life is to become the best hunter she can possibly be while still keeping her individuality, fighting for her belief that a hunter's pet is an important aspect of the class whether Survival, BM or Marksman. In this, she is inspired by the great Windrunner sisters (particularly the fallen queen Sylvanas and to a lesser extent the absent Alleria); fighters till the end.

Phyllixia spends her time raiding with her guild, Southern Wardens of US-Proudmoore, attempting crazy solo stunts with elite NPCs, PuGging anything and everything that her guild missed, and PvPing as ruthlessly as if she were on a PvP server.

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