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Need More Rage
Creator Ratshag
Author(s) Ratshag
Topics Roleplaying, humor, general WoW

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Kinna is a level 80 protection-specced paladin. She is a member of Aetherial Circle on Drenden, and is a member of the guild's raiding unit.

Kinnavieve is the daughter and only surviving child of a woodcutter in Nowhereshire, Elwynn Forest. She is a fairly laid-back person, although somewhat self-conscious about her looks. She sometimes underestimates her own strength and courage, but manages to push through her doubts with a determination not to let her people down. After th Battle of Wrathgate in Northrend, the dragon Alexstrasza developed an interest in Kinna and has come to play a supportive, almost motherly role in her life.

Kinna has a strong dislike of Death Knights, due in part to a general dislike of the undead coming from her paladin training, in part to a mistrust of those who have switched allegences, and to the fact that her older brother was killed fighting the Scourge during the Third War. However, her experiences working with the Ebon Hand in Icecrown have begun to soften her antipathy somewhat.






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