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Redhawk's Gaze
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Creator Redhawks
Author(s) Redhawks
Topics Balance Druids, Feral Druids, Mages, Raiding
Server(s) Ner'zhul-US
Twitter redhawksgaze

Content and Focus

Redhawk's Gaze is a blog about moonkins and World of Warcraft started in April 2010. It is written by Redhawks, a moonkin on the Ner'zhul server in the guild Conquest. While he does blog alot about moonkins, he also focuses alot on raiding theory and news in WoW.

Fun Facts

He started playing shortly after Burning Crusade.

He has a tendency to use Lolcats as graphics for his blog posts.

He is a pharmacist with a Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy.

He loves karaoke, especially classic rock karaoke.

He loves to dualbox while leveling characters, having 2 80s and 3 60s.

He is not afraid of RealID. He hands his e-mail out freely. (

Podcast Appearances

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Shift Happens: A Druid Roundtable -

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