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Creator Phaelia
Author(s) Phaelia, Currant, Korryna
First entry March 19, 2007
Topics Restoration druids

Resto4Life was originally created by Phaelia in March of 2007. While its primary focus remains Resto-centric, Currant, the Feral author of Druid Tank - Site, was added in February of 2008 to help broaden the blog’s perspective. When mutual friend Valenna (of Rogue blog Parry! Dodge! Spin! - Site) rolled a Restoration Druid in June of 2008, he became an author under his character Korryna. All authors for Resto4Life are members of the Aegis Hestia guild on Scarlet Crusade (US).

Contents and Focus

Among the topics covered by Resto4Life are:

  • Theorycrafting
  • Druid-specific news
  • Community Spotlights including the World Tree Project
  • UI Addons and Helpful Macros

Of particular interest to non-Druids, the site's Mana Regeneration Calculator provides a way for Druids, Mages, and Priests to determine their effective rate of mana regeneration with the changes implemented in Patch 2.4.

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