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Sacred Podcast
Creator Theranos
Author(s) Theranos
Topics News
Server(s) Trollbane-US
Twitter @kkotd

Content and Focus

The Sacred Podcast is both a blog and podcast, hosted within the KKOTD Network - The Opinionated Gamer Network. The host, Theranos aka Dave, records live each week on Mondays at 12pm EST, 5pm GMT. Live streams are posted prior to the show on the site's homepage, The focus of the show is commentary on changes made in the World of Warcraft and the gaming industry as a whole. Shows typically last between an hour to two, some specials last closer to three or four. Theranos can be reached via email at, via Twitter at or via AIM with the screen name Sacredpocast. (A voicemail line is in the works, stay tuned for more info)

History and Background

The podcast has undergone several iterations, originally starting as a Guildcast in the first season and later moving to a newscast in the second. The third season introduced the KKOTD Network affiliation which later added two additional shows to the Sacred Podcast series, Sacred Gaming and Sacred Life. This idea was shortlived however due to time restraints and personal burnout for the host Theranos. The fourth season which finished on December, 4, 2009, was the latest season in which the show started to turn towards commentary instead of news. This met with great success as the season included Blizzcon coverage commentary, done by Theranos just minutes after each panel. Viewer counts were as high 10,000 downloads per day, which was a massive improvement over previous counts.

On the technical side, both the site and hosts have gone through iterations themselves. Hosting originally started locally and was quickly out grown. The audio files quickly moved over to Podbean which had given nearly 2 years of great service but started having outages that hindered the show's performance. The hosting is now being done by the Internet Archive ( now and is slowly merging all files into a new RSS feed.

The site started as a PHP Nuke CMS project which then changed over to an Evo Nuke CMS project (a modded version of PHP Nuke) and now has finally made its new home using the Wordpress CMS. Reasoning for the moves being noted as lack of security and non-streamlined user interface.

Latest Posts

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