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So... I had to move the rotator to another web server. Yes, your links are all broken on your sites.. Please re-email me the image link and your website name and I will set you up again. I will email you back with the code to replace on your site. Sorry for the inconvenience. It does give me a chance to move things around so I can keep track better.. Also, your own ad won't show up on your site and you can find hits coming from the ads by looking for tnad=1 in the URL they access.

So, you want to partipate in the TNB Wiki Link Sharing "ad" rotator. You send your site information in an email to fimlys (at) gmail (dot) com along with a link to the 125x125 image you want to include and the link where you want it to point to. I'll add it when I get a chance, and you will be added to the rotation of "ads". You will get an email back from me with customized "code" for your site to add the rotator. To clarify, please have your image hosted somewhere, do not send me the image. I will use the link you send (http something, etc..) to point to the hosted image. Thanks!

We reserve the right to deny anyone's request for addition and to remove your ad at any time. This is not a pay-for service and is being offered for free by the Twisted Nether Wiki. We are in no way liable for damages caused by adding the code to your site and you absorb all risk in doing so. We also do not guarantee "equal" representation as the rotation is random. We weight all "ads" as "equal" and "it will all work out in the end"