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Image thumbnails broken

Image thumbnailing is severely broken. For example, see Event Horizon Fight Statistics. --Blizzy 13:10, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

Installing WOWHead Tooltips

Just want to share some information with you all for those that use the WOWHead tooltips in your websites. With WOWHead updating their item database for Cataclysm they have been lagging a bit and thus slowing websites down. You can see this when a page loads in the page bar at the bottom, it sticks on 'waiting for'. So for all you folks who write your own sites I have done some digging and found the best way to put WOWhead tooltips on to your website. Since it’s a little long i’ve written the article and placed it here:

Since doing this my site loading problems caused by WOWhead have gone.

Good luck I hope this will help the fellow WOW community as it has myself.