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World Of Saz
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Creator SerenitySaz
Author(s) Saz
Topics Collecting, Adventuring, Gear Sets, Shaman, Druid, Alts, Guides
Server(s) Aggramar-US
Twitter serenitysaz

About WoS

World of Saz is a blog that tries to encompass both the passions and pastimes of a little Draenei Shaman named Saz and her various companions (aka alts).

Within the pages of World of Saz you will find the occasional guide, be it class specific or generalized, as well as the obligatory rant/ramble and a couple of series. The series that you will find are Hoarders: Azeroth Edition, which is a weekly publication that focuses on collectible items within Azeroth and the Outlands, The Rack, which is a randomly posted publication that focuses on various outfits/gear sets that can be put together within World of Warcraft, and Fortune Fridays, which show cases either a fortune card or Darkmoon Faire saying paired with an image.

If collecting, reading about random adventuring, or playing dress up is your thing please stop by! Even if those topics are not to your taste, swing by anyways! Perhaps you'll find a guide or a rant that will grab your interest.

Don't be afraid, most of the animals that you find in my world have had their rabies shots.

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