World of Snarkcraft

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World of Snarkcraft
Creator Seri and Jov
Author(s) Seri and Jov
First entry September 4, 2008
Topics Healing, Holy Priest, Raiding, Guild Management
Server(s) Scarlet Crusade-US
Twitter Jooov, serianna

World of Snarkcraft was first conceived in June 2008. It was originally intended to be nothing more than a repository of angst, snark, and rants directed at individuals who could not be addressed directly. With time and discussion, the scope broadened and a decision was reached to make a blog to both educate and entertain. It remained on the back burner until Matticus strongly encouraged the blog to go live.

Its opening was announced both on World of Matticus and through Matticus' post on WoW Insider.

At current, World of Snarkcraft updates primarily on Tuesday and Thursday, with miscellaneous content appearing on other days.

Content and Focus

World of Snarkcraft is run by a pair of holy priests. Topics will include:

  • Raiding
  • Healing
  • Leadership (guild, raid, and class)
  • Mailbag
  • Snark

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